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Wifi Password Cacker Plus v2.3.2 (NEW)

File Size: 3.91 MB

Download: Wifi.Password.Cacker.Plus.v2.3.2.NEW.

An internet connection has become a

basic necessity in our modern lives.

Wireless hot-spots (commonly known

as Wi-Fi) can be found everywhere! If

you have a PC with a wireless

network card, then you must have

seen many networks around you.

Sadly most of these networks are

secured with a network security key.

Have you ever wanted to use one of

these networks? You must have

desperately wanted to check your

mail when you shifted to your new

house. The hardest time in your life is

when your internet connection is

down. Hacking those Wi-Fi

passwords is your answer to

temporary internet access.

Now to hack a Wifi Password you

must first know what type of

encryption it uses for its passwords

there are many different types such

as: WEP (easiest to crack/hack), WPA

and WPA2.

Luckily for you we developed a

program that automates all the

hacking procces, and the only thing

you need to do is click buttons &